raining outside, got wet. be a good boy and stay inside. already in the living room. go back outstide! gonna shake! do not shake! whoa. whoa soaked the living room


Tommen and Margaery Texts From Westeros


Cersei Jaime Podrick Tyrion Texts from westeros


Is it snack time yet? #om #nom Did you just hashtag a text? A lot of people hashtag texts #coolkidsclub Yeah, lots of cunts Whatever, I’m hungry, can we swing by Burger King tonight #curlyfries #shake #fuckinnuggets Fuck the King, let’s go to KFC Fine, but can you not kill 7 people this time #dramaqueen It was worth it #atleastihavechicken


Do you want some lemon cakes? No thank you  Come on, Cat loved lemon cakes, have some lemon cakes Why do you keep saying lemon cakes? Someone is seriously close to losing their lemon cake privileges Fine, where do I get the lemon cakes? There’s a windowless van outside with “Free Lemon Cakes” written on the side On second thought I’ll pass… EAT MY LEMON CAKES AND LOVE ME!


Khalessi, I have to tell you something.  I’ve been in love with you since the moment we’ve met.  My whole heart belongs to you.  I’d die for you. And that “dracarys” thing you do is super hot K

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