Final Fantasy VII on Facebook (Disc 1)

Final Fantasy VII on Facebook Disc 1 by Team Pwnicorn

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What do you mean you forgot the Phoenix Downs…

I play a lot of Star Craft 2 but Final Fantasy VII is my favorite video game of all time.  It has (in my opinion) the greatest storyline of all time.  The struggle of Cloud and his past paired with an completely de-railed antagonist trying to destroy the Planet.  It has action, drama, love, and twists that will make you start the game over just to catch all the minor hints and foreshadows.  I was only planning on making one thread but when I realized how passionate I was about the story, I decided to break it up per disc so I didn’t cut anything out.  Check out Disc 2 (Tifa has boobs) and Disc 3 (I Meteor Midgar).

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