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Team Pwnicorn Cloth Armor 


Cloth Armor Magic

Magic +20

You’re not all about the brute force and high HP. You like to take the back row and lob some fierce spells into the fray. When the fighting gets thick, you have to rely on a well-timed teleport or forcefield to make it out, because let’s face it, you’re a little squishy. But that’s okay, just don’t get caught on cool-down. Equip this Cloth Armor for +20 Magic, bonus MP, and double damage on that sick ult of yours.

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Cloth Armor Magic (Girls)


Magic +20 Girls

There is nothing more fierce than a girl who knows how to pwn.  Up your stats while leveling your sexy with this Magic +20 Cloth Armor. Kerrigan has two pair.

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Cloth Armor AgilityAgility +20

Tired of getting owned by spell casters spamming fire blasts and meteor rain? Who the f*#k isn’t!? Equip this Cloth Armor for +20 Agility and become a lightning fast ninja strapped to a jet-pack on ice skates. You might as well be wearing a mother f*#king invisibility cloak. Dodge their cheese and show those noobs who pwns.

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Cloth Armor Agility (girls)

Agility +20 Girls

It’s a unicorn on a t-shirt, what else do you want!?  You’ll need an extra +20 Agility to evade all the boys chasing after you in this sexy shirt.  Of course, you could always take off the shirt, but then even more boys will take up chase.

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Cloth Armor Defense

 Defense +30

Other team’s trying to gank you 3 v 1? Please, you’re a tank. Equip this Cloth Armor for +30 Defense and increased HP regen, then kneel down and take a nap. They can attack you all day but with steel-like skin, the worst they can do is hurt your feelings.


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Come at me bro Cloth Armor


I heard you talking smack about the Hogwarts Express. That sh!t might be cool in Diagon Alley, but you’re messing with magical masonry, son. So COME AT ME BRO and I’ll brick and mortar yo face!









Tyrion Lannister ShirtPay Your Debts

Just because you’re half the man doesn’t mean you can’t bring the whole party.