6. Spoiler Alert


2013 was the first year Team Pwnicorn started making GIFs, and we love it!  Spoiler alert, the number one post is also a GIF!


5. Thor Discovers The Internet

Thor on Facebook

I made a series of these, with Thor on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram


4. Game Of Thrones Dating Profiles

Daenerys Dating Prof PicHodor Dating Profile Pic

These took months to make, and the time was well spent.  They were featured on every major entertainment outlet on the Internet, getting millions upon millions of views!  Click on the images above and check out the full set!


3. The Hunger Games On Facebook

Katniss and Peeta Relationship

The Hunger Games on Facebook got huge on Tumblr, with something like 300,000 notes last time I checked.  Unfortunately the person who posted it didn’t give me credit, so the world will never know… whelp.


2. The Game Of Thrones On Facebook

Cannot be in a relationship

This was the flagship post (full here)  for the brand new website.  It was so popular that it broke the servers and I had to upgrade them.  Something about scripts per second.  I know nothing of websites…


1. Deer Takes The Bus

Deer breaks through a bus front window

This post is the most viral thing I’ve ever made (with maybe the exception of The Avengers Assemble on Facebook).  I found the video on line, wrote up a script, and sent it to my GIF master Dan to add the quotes.  The whole process took 15 minutes.  It takes me dozens of hours to do a Facebook thread.  I guess I’ll have to google more deer in 2014.